New Items Spring 2020

We would love it if you could come in and browse, but even with the library closed we can offer the next best thing!  Here is a list of new books we have added since spring.  If there is a specific item you see and would like to borrow, please let us know by calling us or by clicking “catalog” above, logging in and requesting the item.

We are happy to see you come back and use the library.

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Online Summer Reading @ LMFL


Summer Reading starts Monday, July 6, but be sure to register beforehand! Call (845) 439-5440 to register. Click on the calendar for full view.

All programs will be done online in due to social distancing measures. However we also have craft kits, chalk and more to take home if you do not have internet access.

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June 1 2020 Library Update


We are slowly starting to reopen and urge you to take the following steps before, during and after visiting the library.
– All patrons MUST wear a mask, even if waiting for appointment outside.
– Appointments for faxing, copying and curbside pickup will be given.  However please keep social distancing measures in mind if there is a wait.
– Please be courteous with the staff and others waiting. We apologize if there is a wait but please be patient. We understand these are stressful times.
– If borrowing materials, please sanitize the cover at home with wipes, Lysol, or simply let them air out a day or two.
– Be sure to wash your hands upon return home.
We are happy to see you again and are glad you were able to visit the library. The building is still CLOSED to the public for the time being but we aim to reopen soon.
We wish you good health during this time.

Thank you,
Staff & Trustees

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Covid-19 Resources

During these stressful times, many have come together and provided informational and educational resources for all of you. Links to children’s resources can be found here and general information can be found here.  We aim to provide as much as possible to you during this period.

We also wish all of you good health during this period.

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Census 2020 Online

With everything going on with COVID-19, you can fill out the Census online!  If you don’t want people knocking on your door and want to limit contact with others, you can fill it out yourself, from home, right here

Don’t forget to count children. Sullivan Counts!

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