Thanks for joining us!

As we wrap up our Summer Reading programming once and for all, we’re looking back at some of our favorite moments and presenters from the past couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone who came to the Library this month – we couldn’t do this without you!

And maybe most importantly, to all our young readers out there: KEEP READING!! 😊📚 Just because our Summer Reading events have drawn to a close, doesn’t mean we won’t still be here at the Library – we have books, books, books galore, and craft kits for you to take home, available rain or shine no matter the time of year or special occasion. We’ll see you again soon!

Sound healer Thomas Workman with his didgeridoo 💫 
what an incredible sound!
so beautiful…
Thomas Workman’s tuning forks enchant the room ✨
Falconer Laura Jaworski with Lazarus the Eurasian eagle-owl 🦉
look at those eyes! 👀
Magician Ron Cain performs his Monster Magic show! 🪄

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