Celebrating Juneteenth with the Library

Visit Vanessa Johnson’s website or read below for her full description of these wonderful programs:

“The Soft Whispers of Ancestors”

If You Listen, You Can Hear the Voices of the Ancestors! From Africa and the Middle Passage, Through Slavery and the Underground Railroad…Hear the Softly Whispered Narratives, Stories, and Folktales from the voices of African Americans.

“What Should Not Be Forgotten”

Telling our Family Stories​

There are stories in our lives that should not be forgotten, but must be shared and passed down to the next generation! Participants will learn some basic storytelling skills, grab an experience from memory, and turn it into performance for family gatherings, reunions, and evenings around the fireplace.

“Jerry Rescue Re-Enactment”

On October 1, 1851, the People of Syracuse New York broke William “Jerry” Henry out of Jail. “Jerry” Escaped from Slavery and was Living in Syracuse. Abolitionist and other Sympathetic citizens helped get “Jerry” to Freedom in Canada. Follow the Events of this Historic Day, and Lend Your Voice to this Interactive Re-Enactment! Age Appropriate Scripts and Props for Groups of 20 – 500 provided, with the Guidance of Griot Vanessa Johnson in this Community Re-Enactment.

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