Mission Statement

The Livingston Manor Library is a vital resource for the community where materials and services are provided for personal enrichment, enjoyment, and educational needs. Community needs drive our services and they are delivered in a welcoming and responsive manner.

The Library’s Vision

The Livingston Manor Library seeks to expand its role as an essential part of the lives of district residents and visitors, promoting an enriched and informed community.

Library established: 1937
Provisional Charter: 1938
Absolute Charter: 1957


Peggy McGuire, Director
Nigel Cronk, Communications Specialist
Jessica Davis, Library Clerk and Program Coordinator
Robin Chavez, Administrative Library Clerk
Theresa Scharff, Circulation Clerk
Demi Budd, Student Circulation Clerk
Angie Hund, Student Circulation Clerk
Ed Lundquist, Student Circulation Clerk
Nadine Osborne, Student Circulation Clerk

Library Board of Trustees

  • Amy Hines – President
  • Paul (Terry) Shultz – Vice President
  • Elizabeth Fosnight – Secretary
  • Art Steinhauer – Treasurer
  • Vera Farrel – President Emeritus
  • Marge Feuerstein
  • Michele Hemmer
  • Samantha MacManus
  • Meg McNeil
  • Daniel Moreton

Library Policies

Anti-Discrimination PolicyPrivacy & Confidentiality Policy
Computer Use PolicyReconsideration of Library Material Policy
Weather Related Closings PolicyRetention Policy
Exhibits PolicyLong Range Library Plan (2021-2026)
Unattended Child Policy
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