COVID-19 General

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, many resources have been made available to people of all ages. Below are links for general resources. If you are looking for children’s resources they can be found here.

RCLS with Moffat Library in Washingtonville has put together a page listing ongoing cases, CDC links, State of New York links, and more for information on the current situation of the outbreak.
Thrall Library has also created an information source which can be found here.
Thrall has also put together fact checking information regarding the Coronavirus, which is available here.
The Sullivan County website has been updated with a lot of information as well, including information on coping and virtual county Town Hall Meetings.
This has a LOT of data, and we understand it can be overwhelming. It does however provide reliable information.
If you are having any difficulties there is an emotional support line at 1-844-863-9314.
If you would like to try some meditation, check out headspace on any internet connected device, including a desktop computer. Listen to meditation exercises, sleep experiences and even meditation for kids up to age 12!

If you do not have a library card but would like to borrow e-books, click here. Click on “Signup for an instant digital card” to register, and you can borrow e-books! Borrowing instructions can be found here about half way down the page.

IF you have a library card but were unable to log in, we have recently waived fines. Please give the system time to update any changes on your account. You may want to attempt to login once per day to see if there are any updates.
If you have any questions or trouble logging in, to not hesitate to reach out to us.

If you would like to make masks, instructions can be found here.

Don’t forget about Rosetta Stone, which you have free access to with your Livingston Manor Free Library card. Now is the perfect time to learn that language you always wanted to. The link can be found here.

According to there are free museums you can visit digitally, including The Louvre, MoMA, and the National Women’s History Museum. Also, the American Museum of Natural History can be viewed online from the comfort of your own home.

PBS and NOVA have put together a documentary to help decode COVID-19.

We wish you all good health during this period.

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