Library Policies

Spring is coming! Spring is coming! And while COVID isn’t exactly behind us yet, it seems some restrictions are lifting here and there and everywhere. But let’s not get carried away.

Livingston Manor Free Library simply wants our staff and our patrons to remain safe and healthy. We will continue to maintain a clean work environment and do everything we can to make sure everyone feels comfortable. We still have free K-95 masks and COVID tests for anyone who would like to take some home.

For now, here are a few documents detailing our new COVID protocols, as advised by the State of New York:

Current Practice and Proposed Transition Plan

Governor Hochul’s Executive Order, Effective through April 15

Library Pandemic Plan Revised


More Library Policies:

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Emergency & Disaster Policy

Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

Reconsideration of Library Material Policy

Computer Use Policy

Exhibits Policy

Interlibrary Loan Policy

Retention Policy

Snow Closure Policy

Unattended Child Policy

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