Library By Mail

Sullivan Public Library Alliance (SUPLA) has developed a Library-by-Mail delivery program to help libraries like LMFL reach patrons who are unable to visit the library. The service is available for free to residents of Sullivan County who are temporarily or permanently homebound due to illness, disability, immobility or transportation issues.

How to Get Started
Call Livingston Manor Free Library to apply for a library card if you do not have one. Once you have a library card you can apply for the Library-by-Mail Delivery Program. You will start receiving library materials by mail once your application is processed. You can request regular and large print books and audiobooks.

What Happens Next
Once you have completed the application process and your reading interest form, you will be mailed up to 4 items at a time along with a paid, return-postage label in a designated mail bag. You can use materials for up to 28 days, and you will be responsible for returning the bag and items within that time period. Additional items will be mailed after the previous shipment is returned.

If you have any question do not hesitate to call us at (845) 439-5440.

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